At Comsewogue, Problem-Based Learning Works

At Comsewogue, Problem-Based Learning Works
This past school year, approximately three-hundred (300) 9th and 10th grade students at
the high school participated in the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) model of instruction.
At the end of the school year, they took Regents examinations in:

Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

Global History, English

The data below compares the percentage of students passing the Regents exam (a
grade of at least 65%) and those attaining mastery level (a grade of at least 85%) for
both Non-PBL students and PBL instructed students.

The results show that students who participated in the PBL classes out-performed
traditionally instructed students in just about every subject at both the passing and
mastery levels.

This past year all of our teachers participated in ongoing professional development
related to PBL pedagogy. Moving forward, elements of PBL will be used in all of our
schools – K-12.

Please note: There is no data for PBL in U.S. History, as PBL was not offered for U.S. History students in the 2017-2018 school year.

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Science Courses

Earth Science

Non-PBL Pass: 87%
PBL Pass: 94%
Non-PBL Mastery: 44%
PBL Mastery: 44%

Living Environment

Non-PBL Pass: 91%
PBL Pass: 91%
Non-PBL Mastery: 36%
PBL Mastery: 18%


Non-PBL Pass: 62%
PBL Pass: 98%
Non-PBL Mastery: 10%
PBL Mastery: 45%


Non-PBL Pass: 79%
PBL Pass: 94%
Non-PBL Mastery: 33%
PBL Mastery: 35%

English Courses

English 11

Non-PBL Pass: 89%
PBL Pass: 100%
Non-PBL Mastery: 63%
PBL Mastery: 96%

Math Courses

Algebra I

Non-PBL Pass: 61%
PBL Pass: 78%
Non-PBL Mastery: 2%
PBL Mastery: 1%


Non-PBL Pass: 55%
PBL Pass: 87%
Non-PBL Mastery: 4%
PBL Mastery: 29%

Algebra II

Non-PBL Pass: 92%
PBL Pass: 100%
Non-PBL Mastery: 23%
PBL Mastery: 71%

Social Studies Courses

Global History

Non-PBL Pass: 79%
PBL Pass: 97%
Non-PBL Mastery: 29%
PBL Mastery: 52%

U.S. History

Non-PBL Pass: 90%
PBL Pass: N/A
Non-PBL Mastery: 57%
PBL Mastery: N/A