Start with Hello - Finish the Year Strong Initiative

Start with Hello - Finish the Year Strong Initiative
About 40 students at the high school were chosen to be part of a very special initiative. They were selected by Mr. Harris because Mr. Coniglione wanted the most awesome high school students to welcome all other students as they came off their buses on the morning of April 10th.

The theme was ‘Start with Hello’ and ‘Finish the Year Strong,’ which would be delivered personally by these special students.They went to all the schools throughout the district to connect with and motivate all the students at every school. Each student reached out to introduce themselves and get to know someone they had never met before.They also tried to encourage students to keep working hard until the very last day of school!

At the high school there were free t-shirts given, and also one special gratitude rock- which, when turned in, the person received a $25 gift certificate. The elementary students received shirts, pencils, bracelets and more. At the elementary schools, students were very excited and could be heard saying that “the teenagers from the high school came to visit us!” There were lots of hugs, hi-fives, laughter and smiles!

Students carried motivational posters, and were wearing their ‘Kindness Ambassador’ shirts. The ‘Start with Hello’ initiative is from the Sandy Hook Foundation for preventing violence in our schools. On that day, and from now on, these ‘Kindness Ambassadors’ will be especially on the lookout for those students who may need a little TLC such as quiet or shy students sitting down and chatting with them or even joining them at their table during lunch.

All of these ‘Ambassadors’ were treated to a special lunch at Chick-Fil-A, but the biggest reward was in giving to others. Patrick Adams said, “It was one of the most awesome things I have ever done- especially meeting the wonderful students with disabilities getting off the buses at all the elementary schools.”
Students holding a banner with positive words.Students holding banners with positive words.Students preparing to greet students at one of the elementary schools.Students holding banners with positive words.A happy student getting off the bus and being greeted by high school students.High school students taking a picture with elementary school students.Elementary school students being greeted by high school students.A happy student being greeted by a high school student.