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Board of Education Goals 2019-2020

Goal I - Student Achievement

Continue to increase student learning through Problem Based Learning and STEAMS Framework and maximize student potential by enhancing the quality of instruction. 

  • Continue Year 3 of Middle States Accreditation Path

  • Initiate common grade level/department assessment with a focus on consistency across classrooms

    • Create grade level/department checklist of data points

  • Strengthen Problem-Based Learning and Literacy into all K-12 classrooms

    • Develop Business Partnership to strengthen PBL program

    • Continue creation of PBL units district-wide

    • Initiate Teacher-Led Professional Development based on expertise

    • Design PBL Program Evaluation

  • Sustain College/University Partnerships (SCCC, SBU, St. John’s, Farmingdale)

  • Support K-12 Innovation Labs

  • Amplify Digital Portfolio Initiative 

  • Integrate CTE Programs at CHS - Virtual Enterprise International Course

  • Implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Plan

    • Investigate ways to improve student attendance

    • Provide additional mental health support/training district-wide, including coaches

    • Utilize Social Workers to provide research-based curriculum including lessons on diversity, cultural awareness, and empathy

    • Develop a Community Outreach Committee to provide resources to community members 

    • Work toward becoming a National School of Character

  • Expand Free Breakfast Program

  • Implement full day 3 year old Pre-K Program

  • Investigate a 9 period day

  • Explore additional vocational courses

  • Offer Seal of Biliteracy

Goal II - Safety & Security 

Ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment that supports student learning through a safe and healthy environment.

  • Sustain Security Meetings 

  • Initiate district-wide physical improvements based on bond

  • Review Ed Law 2D - Data Privacy and Personal Information

  • Provide additional mental health support through SEL Plan

  • Extend Security Guards Enhanced Coverage

  • Uphold use of Safety Features - Rave, ID badges, Raptor

  • Uphold standards of buildings’ appearances

  • Review ADA accessibility to fields

  • Review drop-off procedures at building level

Goal III - Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability 

Ensure fiscal responsibility, stability and accountability through a transparent process that has the support of the community.

  • Capital Improvement Bond: Implement Phase I Summer 2019 & plan Phase II

  • Negotiate PJSTA Contract expiring June 2020

  • Comply with new laws and regulations in healthcare and finance

    • School Level Financial Reporting

    • Federal Requirements (ESSA)

    • State Requirements (3614)

    • Reserves Planning (TRS & Capital)

    • Federal Tax Cap

Goal IV - Communication  

Build a connected learning community, broadening productive partnerships and services to meet the needs of all students and to more effectively communicate with parents and district residents. 

  • Continue use of most effective means of communication with community

    • SchoolMessenger

    • Comsewogue Website and App

    • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram

    • SchoolTool 

    • Employee Portal

    • BoardDocs

    • School Calendar

  • Continue recognizing contribution of stakeholder to improved student learning

  • Continue to follow WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance 

  • Continue PTA Presidents Roundtable Meetings

  • Update website with bond project updates

Goal V - Board of Education Policy Review 

Continually upgrade Board of Education policies to ensure compliance with State laws and Commissioner's regulations.

  • Continue policy review and update at monthly Policy Review Committee Meetings

  • Update policies on website to ensure ADA compliance 

  • Implement Board Documents