Community Crime Awareness Committee

Members of our community have been meeting regarding issues that affect our whole community. From drug dealing, illegal housing, un-kept parks, etc., our concerned citizens have decided, “It is time to take our neighborhoods back!”.

Dealing with this alone, the best efforts of parents and residents have not been effective. In the past, when we've called 911, none of the other authorities were aware of our troubles and not much got resolved. Now, working together with Kara Hahn, our Suffolk County Legislator, Valerie Cartright, our Town Councilwoman, the Suffolk County Police Department 6th Precinct, our Civic Association, and our parents and residents, we will successfully deal with this problem. We have to succeed...our children are at stake!

The most effective approach was to divide our Committee into the four neighborhoods of our schools. Each area, Norwood, Boyle, Clinton and Terryville, has an appointed person(s) that will act as a Liaison between you and the authorities mentioned above. Contact your liaison at your neighborhood address below, and let them know that you’d like to be part of this “Neighborhood Watch” incentive.

How will this work? We need you to be “the eyes and ears” of the community.

  1. If you see ANY suspicious activity around your home or neighborhood, do not hesitate and call 911 to report the incident. (You can do this anonymously, if you wish.)
  2. After you have called 911, send an email to your liaison with a short summary of your incident.
  3. Your liaison will forward a copy of all the incidents and the list of your concerns for that week to the Cope officers, the Legislator, the Councilwoman, the Civic, the other three neighborhoods in the district and myself.

Basically, this will ensure that when there are incidents going on around our neighborhoods, our coalition of support will be aware and can make decisions accordingly.

These are the e-mail addresses to the Liaison for your area;

These pages below contain resources for reporting drug sales as well as for helping those who are addicted. Please get involved. I will keep you posted on upcoming meetings. Give a call if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. Talk to you soon.

Dr. Rella

Not My Child