Clinton Solar Project Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Clinton Solar Project Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Clinton Solar Project

On Monday, February 3, 2020, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the roof of Clinton Avenue Elementary School to officially announce the completion of the solar project.

A process that began in May 2017, almost 1,200 solar panels were installed on Clinton's roof over the past few months, providing a large energy cost savings to the District.

Students at Clinton were also a part of their own, smaller ribbon-cutting ceremony in the front of the school. A few students spoke about what they have learned in school about solar energy, and helped cut a ribbon that was laid over an arial-view picture of the solar panels.

Here are some facts about the Solar Project at Clinton:

  • The solar panels will generate over 15% of the District's future energy consumption
  • Excess energy exported will offset energy consumption at other schools throughout the District
  • All existing electrical service was upgraded to accommodate the new system
  • The solar panels are arranged at a fixed 10-degree tilt to maximize energy performance on all open roof areas
  • An output display has ben mounted in the lobby of District Office to show real-time energy consumption
  • There is a guaranteed annual energy savings of $84,500

Take a look at some pictures below of the completed project and ribbon-cutting ceremony! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this exciting process: Noresco, SunNation Solar and BBS Architects, Landscape Architects & Engineers

Students participating in a mini-ribbon cutting ceremony   Students and administrators waving to a picture being taken by a drone   Ribbon cutting ceremony on the roof at Clinton

Administrators cutting the ribbon to officially complete the Clinton Solar Project   Solar panels on Clinton's roof   Solar panels on Clinton's roof