Dr. Rella's Last Message to the Community

Dr. Rella's Last Message to the Community
Dr. Rella with Administration at the Class of 2019 Graduation CeremonyTo listen to Dr. Rella's last phone call to the Comsewogue Community, please go to this link.

Watch Dr. Rella ride the bus to District Office on his "last day of school!"

 Alternatively, you can read the message below.

Good afternoon everybody, it’s Dr. Rella. Over the past few months a number of people have been asking me if I was going to do one more phone call. Well, the answer is yes and here it is! There's an event coming up in July I just want to bring to your attention, it's on July the 11th at Cupsogue Beach and it's the first it's going to be an annual event beach bash summer beach bash and it's going to go on all day. Just feel free to get there. If you take a look on your school's community pages there's more information.

Andy Harris has organized this is just wonderful. So if you're free to go to the beach! Now, one last thank you. These last this last month has just been I've been overwhelmed really by the expressions of love and wonderful wonderful wonderful things I've been surrounded by love. I can never thank you enough. From the moment my family and I got here, you took us in. It hasn't changed. There were some ups and downs and even especially during those times this community just put their arms around myself and my family and I can never thank you enough.

Good news is, I'm going to be continuing to live in the district. I have a couple of grandchildren I live with. And one's going to JFK next year and the other will be going to Clinton Avenue to Kindergarten in a few years, and I'm happy very happy about that. In the time I've been here, almost 26 years, being with all of you students educators, staff, families, residents, friends; I've learned a lot really, but that's not the important thing. What's the most important thing to me is I'm a better man for having been here at Comsewogue

So, God bless Comsewogue, And I look forward to seeing you around the district. Take care everybody.