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SchoolTool Family Portal

Comsewogue School District is committed to providing an exceptional level of service to its students, parents/guardians and employees.  SchoolTool is a student management system that is being implemented in many Suffolk County school districts. They are a New York based company and are uniquely qualified to meet Comsewogue School District needs. Its use provides a uniform platform for student management and a consistent experience for students and parents/guardians. You will find all of the information you expect to have access to and notice the layout is extremely intuitive.   

Please note: To access the portal, on the Comsewogue School District website, click the "SchoolTool Family Portal" link in the SchoolTool/Google drop down menu.

SchoolTool Help

Email: schooltoolsupport@comsewogue.k12.ny.us
Phone: 631-474-8164

GSuite (Google Apps)

GSuite (formerly Google Apps for Education), is a suite of web-based apps provided to students and faculty via the "cloud." With apps like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and more, you can create Word-like documents, PowerPoint-like presentations, and Excel-like spreadsheets - and they're saved automatically. These apps, along with others like Google Sites and Google Forms, are constantly being used in classrooms throughout the district for projects, quizzes, surveys and more.

Google Classroom is one of the most popular programs being used in our district; it allows teachers to assign homework, classwork, projects, quizzes and more via the web, as Comsewogue continues its effort to go paperless.

All of these files are stored in Google Drive - a "one stop shop" for all of your Google files. These files can be accessed through the district-provided Chromebooks, lab computers, and on any other computer or mobile device by logging in with your Google Account Credentials.

In an effort to streamline student access and increase security, we recently required Google Password Resets for all students. You can find more information here regarding these password resets.